Chinese Chow Mein


One of the most popular Chinese noodles in the US is chow mein or literally “fried noodles” (炒面) in Cantonese dialect. Chow mein is also a favorite Chinese take-out item. Some shredded vegetables, some protein–either chicken, pork, beef, seafood, or combination–and you will have a perfect chow mein that is cheap, filling, and sinfully gratifying.

  • 550 g cooked egg noodles
  • groundnut oil
  • 3 chopped cloves of garlic
  • 2 tsp grated root ginger
  • 175 ml oil
  • 100 g strips of fillet of pork
  • 100 g strips of breast of chicken100 g shrimp
  • 175 g sliced abalone
  • 125 g shredded Chinese cabbage
  • 125 g bean sprouts
  • 200 g bamboo shoots
  • 150 g chopped spring onions
  • 725 ml boiling chicken stock
  • little arrowroot

  1. Golden deep fry 550 g cooked egg noodles in groundnut oil, drain well and retain.

2. Fry 3 chopped cloves of garlic, and 2 tsp grated root ginger in a wok in 175 ml oil, then add and stir-fry 100 g each of strips of fillet of pork and breast of chicken, 175 g sliced abalone, 125 g each of shredded Chinese cabbage and bean sprouts, 200 g bamboo shoots, and 150 g chopped spring onions.

3. Moisten with 725 ml boiling chicken stock previously thickened with a little arrowroot and cook for 3 minutes.

4. Place the noodles in a serving dish, cover with the meat and vegetables and serve immediately.

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