Foods that became Enemy Health

Our health is a reflection of what we eat. So, you are advised to stay away from some of these foods.
At the time of increasingly tinged with a strange variety of deadly diseases, so now it is no longer time for us to play around with the food we eat. Here are some foods that may be said to be an enemy of health.

Soft Drinks

Soda is a beverage that does not contain any nutrients. Therefore, if you want to quench the thirst, should you choose water, herbal iced tea, or skim milk? If you want a sweet drink, limit the portion with a glass of fruit juice a day.
If you find that a lot of diet soda to help reduce your weight over the years, the drink, but the day reduce the portions, so you get used to 'stay away' a sweet tooth.

Foods that contain Tran’s fats

the biggest contributor of Tran’s fats are margarine, canned vegetables, frozen meat, crackers, ramen soup, cookies, chips, and candy. Tran’s fat is one of the main causes of coronary heart disease in man.

Fried foods

although perhaps not always contain Trans fats, but the results pan fried or foods sold in restaurants-restaurants often cooked with used oil.
This kind of oil can cause various diseases. After all processed foods by frying contain more fat. The process of making food absorb fat frying contained in oil. It is better to choose foods that are baked / the-oven rather than fried.

Bread flour
Healthy Bread contains about 2 grams of fiber per share. Fiber bread is more nutritious and giving the impression of fuller longer (which is right for your diet) than loaves containing only flour.


Alcohol is not on the same track with your diet program. In fact, alcohol has the potential to gain weight, because it contains 7 calories per gram, while carbohydrates and fats contain only 4 calories per gram. Moreover, alcohol contains a substance that can slow down metabolism in the body. After the body of 'contaminated' with a touch of alcohol, it is somewhat difficult for you to go back to have a healthy diet.

Fat milk and yogurt

although both are sources of calcium and protein are quite good, but they are also rich in fat. Therefore, choose fat-free milk. As for cheese, look for fat content no more than 5 grams per ounce.

Choose foods that are good for you and for your body

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