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Worst Mistakes When Diet By: Agatha Yunita
Diet, trying to lose weight and fat in the body, with a variety of ways, especially through food. This method is taken by nearly 80% of women are currently not satisfied with the shape and size of the body.

Failure during the diet can actually be predicted and prevented; it's just that you do not know how. After reading some of the worst mistakes you did in following the diet, your diet would be successful. Let's do not have to wait much longer.

•You always order a salad
"Oh no, just a salad and water only, thank you," You said that when ordering a bowl of salad in a restaurant. And it turns out this thing you've always done, you come out every meal. Just salad ... salad ... and salads, how there are nutritional anyway?
Ok, vegetables and fruits are very important for your body, let alone very high fiber content. But that does not mean you should eat only salad and hold it. Consider the nutrition that is contained in your food. Enter the menu of meat, fish, tofu, Tempe in your menu. If everything is balanced, of course, even the healthier your body really.

•You avoid weighing tool body / weight scale
you are so frightened at the sight of body weight for a tool, like most wild animals met who are ready to devour you. And that is in front of you is just a tool body weights are pretty, so relax, pull a deep breath and watch your weight carefully. Measure and record on a regular basis so that you know your weight progress.

•You forget the pain you feel
you decide to not eat rice at all, but suddenly your stomach pains and nausea churned. Ok, you could be attacked by an ulcer and you instead ignore it. Do not let this happen, really learned every inch of your body and do not let the pain spreads. Diet is to regulate your diet and nutrition, not torture you by not eating at all.

•You do not get enough sleep
you think that the more often you move then your body will lean on its own, as long as busy. Hmmm ... Your opinion is not correct, because the body also needs rest so you must provide adequate rest for the body. Sleep 8 hours a day and you will feel more refreshed the next day.

•You ignore your health history
Diet program each person is different, because the body's metabolism and the condition are much different. For it cannot be equated if someone could lean in less time and others longer. Likewise also the nutrients consumed, may actually have some meals that should not be consumed because of specific medical reasons.

•You are dependent on drugs
Just because you want to lean more quickly then you eat all kinds of slimming drug. Instead of getting slim even your health at risk. Chemicals that are in the drug are not always good for the body. Moreover, if taken in higher doses. You should indeed consult your physician first. Prioritizing health was dong.

•You ignore the exercise and sport
you are too dependent on food regulation only, whereas the sport you never do. Hmmm ... forget it, because only in sports and exercise your body will be easier to trim and healthy. With proper exercise, all your blood circulation will be smooth and of course fats will be burned

let's healthy diet

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